Sales Slow, But The Sky Over Parks of Aledo is Not Falling

Let nature show you just how rewarding life can be at Parks of Aledo

Everyone knows the story of Chicken Little right? The story about the little chick who thinks the sky is falling and whips every farm animal into a mass hysteria? In the end, the sky doesn’t fall and the world doesn’t end. Whew!

Over the past six weeks of the Great Quarantine of 2020 it seems as if there are plenty Chicken Littles to be found. Yes, COVID-19 is serious. Yes it’s taking a toll on the health of our citizens and economy. No, the sky is not falling.

Currently there are more than 6 miles of certified biking trails in Parks of Aledo…more to come

Tarrant County Tuesday reached out to the developer of the ever popular Parks of Aledo, Justin Welborn of JRH Partners, to get his input on what is going on in his neighborhood. Is the sky falling?

How are sales in the Parks of Aledo?

Welborn: Prior to the COVID-19 scare, the Parks of Aledo was experiencing the best stretch of sales since we opened the community in 2013. The data from our builders indicated that over the past 52 weeks have produced over 90 sales for an average price of $490,000. From what we can gather through the Multiple Listing Service over the past 52 weeks it appears as if nearly 50 homes were re-sold ranging from the $340,000 to the $700,000 range.

Of course when COVID-19 appeared we have seen a slowdown of visitors and sales activity. However, we are still receiving sales contracts from our builders, and thus far we haven’t seen any cancellations, so that’s very positive.

Each new section of Parks of Aledo has unique playgrounds and open spaces

What does the future hold for the Parks of Aledo?

Welborn: We started Parks of Aledo in 2013 with nearly 300 homesites. We were the first housing development in the city limits of Aledo that had a neighborhood look-and-feel. Prior to Parks, most developments consisted of one-acre or larger homesites that needed septic systems and well water.

Parks of Aledo – Point Vista was created in 2017 offering 266 homesites. That section of the development has really taken off. All homesites are spoken for by our selected builders.

Plenty of walking trails in Parks of Aledo
With 80 acres of open spaces, family walks are always fun.

Parks of Aledo – The Bluffs will be the third section of the neighborhood and will have around 200 homesites. Hopefully we will deliver those properties to the builders in 15 months or so.

There is still more land after The Bluffs so we will continue to develop beautiful properties as long as the demand continues.

You don’t have a community pool or workout facility. Was that ever a consideration?

Welborn: When we created Parks of Aledo, we wanted to be different from other developments. With every new section we designate a large portion of the land to be open space — whether a landscaped park with playground, a dog park or just open with native grasses.

With Parks of Aledo and Point Vista we have over 80 acres of open spaces. The Bluffs will add another 36 acres. Homeowners love the country feel and views, but not having to mow or maintain those spaces.

Some of our residents would love a community pool I’m sure … who wouldn’t want one in the Texas summers? Many homes have pools, but many residents wouldn’t want to pay a higher homeowner’s association fee either.

What makes Parks of Aledo so unique?

Wellborn: Currently we have over six miles of certified biking trails. We will add another three miles with The Bluffs. Especially in quarantine times like these, when public pools are closed, everyone is enjoying walking or biking through the community. That certainly is a unique feature.

Other than that, I would say the spirit and community of the Parks of Aledo is unique. This neighborhood feels like those old neighborhoods we all knew — where kids could ride bikes and play in the neighborhood, and you actually knew your neighbors. It’s an organic spirit of community.

Is the sky falling at Parks of Aledo?

Welborn: Ha … no, I don’t think so. It’s disappointing that we are seeing a slowdown after a record-breaking 52-week stretch of sales, but we are positive that we have not seen panic and cancellations from any of our future homeowners. The only thing slowing us down is this virus.

Look, the Aledo school system is a huge draw for us. We are within walking distance from the football field of the State Champion Aledo Bearcats. Not only athletics but academics will continue to be a major bonus for the city of Aledo and our community.

We offer non-cookie-cutter homes, plenty of parks and open spaces, the lowest property tax rate of any new development in the area, we are not in a Municipal Utility District or a Public Improvement District and our annual homeowner’s association fee is $600!

Thanks again to Justin Welborn for his information an candor. For more information on the Parks of Aledo, the upcoming phases and the selected builders, please visit