Investments for Profitable
Return on Equity

James R. Harris Partners and its affiliated firms in Dallas/Fort Worth and Greater Austin have historically demonstrated a pattern of profitable return on equity for investors. We have been able to weather economic downturns through the years because of our collective knowledge
of real estate trends and investment cycles coupled with our understanding of what works in niche markets.

Our success can be attributed to our strategic approach to doing business.

  • We are very particular about the projects that we take on. Our goal is not to have the highest number of projects going at one time, but to take on projects that we have the experience and expertise to complete successfully.
  • We find real estate opportunities in desirable locations with existing competitive advantages, such as high-quality schools, but also with barriers to entry so that we can still add value.
  • We ensure that our financing is adequate and flexible enough to not only survive but prosper if rates change dramatically; we don’t over leverage.
  • We maintain flexibility as much as possible in zoning and planning, because markets change. No one can predict the market, interest rates or the economy, so a successful developer has to have the flexibility and the product to be able to adjust to market changes; for example, in a residential development, having the ability to change the lot sizes going forward is essential to the success of the development.